Free Mothers Day Ecards

Cool Card Ideas for this Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is celebrated by kids and adults with equal zeal. There are different ways to make Free Mothers Day Ecards your mom feel special. Some like to buy flowers and gifts, others arrange special dinner and taking your mother to a movie is also not a bad idea. Children feel more excited about this day, so craft activities are encouraged before this occasion to teach children to make simple and creative cards for their moms. Here are some easy yet amazing paper card ideas that can be easily made at home. They do not require expensive materials. You can use cardboard, paper boxes, crayons, glue and paint to make Mother’s Day Crafts.

A Card painted with Love : Kids love to paint and draw. Encourage them to draw anything that they want for their mom. Help them painting it properly. A caption, “Mom you are the best”, or “You are a special Mommy, I love you” will add more sentiments to the drawing. The painting can be framed by pasting it on the cardboard and creating a motif along the corners. This is a simple yet most beautiful way to make a mother feel she means the world to her kids. Glittery markers can also be used for the frame. It will look funkier.

Free Mothers Day Ecards

Card with your family pictures : A big card with your family pictures’ collage is also a nice craft idea. Take a piece of cardboard, cut and finish it neatly along the four sides. You can use your imagination to give a different shape to the cardboard. After you have cut it, take a wrapping paper sheet, plain should be preferred, however if you find some nice patterned paper, it can also be used. Paste it on the cardboard with glue. Write a catchy wish for your mom that speaks your heart out and attach your family pictures underneath. You can also use your childhood pictures to make a collage, Mothers Day Gifts From the Kids

Ribbon and flower cards : There are many accessories available that you can use creatively to make Mother’s day crafts.Ribbons and paper flowers can be attached to the handmade cards. Make use of brown paper bag, cut it in to a marvelous shape, make it colorful with designs you are good at and write heartfelt wishes for your mom. If you like poetry, a poem would covey your sentiments even better. Attach a ribbon or a flower at the top, they can be easily glued or you can make holes along the sides and tie the ribbon around.

Fun E-Cards: If you are away and can’t see your mother on this day, think of sending an E-card that makes her feel your presence.E-cards are fun, the animations and content they have is marvelous. There are many sites where you can find Free Mother’s Day E-cards. However, you should pick an interesting card. Filter out a few options after viewing several cards. Many websites have spectacular themes for the day. So make a nice choice!

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