Exciting Crafts for Mother’s Day

Feeling confused or lost about the Mother’s day gift ideas? There is so much alluring stuff out
there that you can buy but stop…Instead of gifting decorative and home accessories to your mom, try creating them at home. It will add a personalized touch to the gift and your mother will be surprised at your creative side. There are many home accessories that can be made unique by simple touch up tools. However, you should keep in mind your mother’s choice while creating a craft. Be open to ideas and take inspiration from different available sources, you are likely to come up with something you will feel proud of. Here are some examples of Mother’s day crafts to trigger your imagination!

Mothers day crafts

Floating candles in a jar:Every woman loves candles and these days you can find a variety
ranging from scented to floating ones. Take quality floating candles and basic wide mouthed jars. Fill the jar with colored water. You can use the pink and blue colors for water. The candles should be white. Light the candles and place them in the jar. The jar can be decorated with glittery ribbons. You can use a ribbon cutter to give it a beautiful cut. Cook dinner for your mom and place two or three jars in the middle. What pleases a woman more than a candle light dinner with her son or daughter!

Mothers Day Crafts

Crafts made with Mason jars: Mason jars are used for many cool crafts.Use a stencil to create any pattern on the jar. The design should be catchy and according to the event. After that paint the jars, use vibrant colors, my advice is to go with red, blue and yellow. You need middle sized scented candles for this craft. Place them inside the jars and tie funky ribbons on the top. The jars can be a part of your dinner at the Mother’s day. They can also be gifted. Mason jars are very versatile and can be molded in to any design and color you want. So if you have any other interesting craft for these jars, try that too. Various Mother’s day crafts can be made from them.

Decorating pictures and frames:Basic photo frames can be turned in toamazing glitzy ones by using simple techniques. Select the best photo of you and your mom, take a dark brown or black frame with wide sides. There are funky beads available that get attached with glue, make use of them. Glitter sprays can add a more glossy touch to the frame. Ribbons, small plastic flowers and like accessories can be utilized for decorating photo frames. Mother’s day picture flowers are available that are specially designed for the occasion, you can try them. Decorate pictures and add captions along to make them more memorable for your mom. Glass stones are quite in vogue these days, they look trendy and terrific. So you can decorate frames using them as well. The frames can be painted, you can experiment with many possibilities for this craft.


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